Big business helps to create sustainable future for UK citizens


Dragon Rouge’s radical re-imagining of high profile businesses sees Primark become a leading light in sustainable fashion, Morrisons reinvigorate the high street and easyJet turn its back on low cost flights in 2030

Six household name businesses have been completely reinvented in an independent research project that forecasts what they will do to remain successful in 2030. Brand Futures, created by global design and innovation business Dragon Rouge, is based on a combination of research, expert brand knowledge and commercial insight. The project will be unveiled today at the Sustainable Brands Conference in London.
Brand Futures examines the activities and business models of Argos, Bupa, easyJet, Morrisons, Primark and Rio Tinto. Its conclusions are designed to offer long-term commercial success in a sustainable way with a positive impact on society and the environment.
Dragon Rouge analysed these companies’ current activities alongside the major social, geo-political, commercial and climate change trends. It then applied strategic brand expertise to create scenarios that would enable them to remain successful.
Dragon Rouge head of sustainability, Fiona Bennie, who is the driving force behind Brand Futures and who has a great deal of experience in future forecasting, comments: “People have given up on governments to effect positive change in sustainable living and are increasingly looking to brands to take the lead. We've created six provocative, challenging concepts based on today's brands projected into 2030 to demonstrate how they can make a positive contribution to society and have little to no impact on the environment while still retaining their brand personality and meeting consumer expectations.”
According to Brand Futures, in 2030 Bupa has become the leading preventative healthcare company, supporting healthy lifestyles and effectively keeping people away from the doctor thus lessening the burden on public health services, using cutting edge technology. 
Rio Tinto has pioneered the adaptation and application of traditional mining techniques to landfill sites reclaiming valuable metals, minerals and plastics and reducing the amount of useful materials going to landfill by 85 per cent.
Argos has repositioned itself to offer affordable leasing of all its products, putting high quality, durable and technologically advanced products at people’s fingertips; upgrading and repairing them at consumers’ convenience.
If you’d like to find out more about the project or think your business would benefit from our sustainability knowledge and expertise, please contact Chairman, Dorothy MacKenzie or Head of Sustainability, Fiona Bennie.  


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